The dawn of each day is the beginning of a new journey for us.
We’ll roll up our sleeves, get our vehicles fitted and ready to go:
ready to take new paths and face new challenges.
The road we have travelled so far has allowed us to become who we are now and whatever the future holds for us, we are ready to face it, together!
From this assurance stands our tenacity that allows us to overtake any obstacles.
Together is the synergy, the union between listening and professionality, to ensure a thoughtful service.
The union between technology and expertise, to grant security and flexibility.
This testifies our commitment and pride that represent and allowed us to face this emergency.

Years ago, there was a man, a pioneer, who decided to bet on an avant-garde, almost visionary entrepreneurial project.
It was 1980 and that man was Canil Virginio.
That intuition, after forty years of hard work, became Canil Spa: Europe’s leading company for international road and intermodal transport of liquid chemistry.
Canil Spa, for its customers, is not simply products’s move from one place to another:
it is a service characterised by safety, attention, dynamism and trust.
This is Canil Spa and these are the values of those who belong to it.
The goal is to continue to grow, motivated by that stubbornness that takes you far away.
These are the strong points that have enabled Canil Spa to face the pandemic.
In March 2020, with the arrival of the Coronavirus emergency, the global situation has dramatically changed.
However, Canil Spa reacted promptly, becoming even stronger and more timely.
First of all, it protected its workers by protecting their health and, through IPR and smart working, it guaranteed work continuity.
Moreover, by intensifying its dynamism, it has responded to the problems of its customers and ensured consistency of the service.
So, with collaboration and tenacity, Canil Spa is looking to the future.